Biodynamic Agriculture Society of British Columbia



Organic Certifcation

  • We are accredited through the COABC's BC Certified Orgnaic Program (BCCOP)

Demeter Biodynamic Certification

  • We are a member of Demeter Canada


We are a certifation body that certifies farms as both organic and Demeter Biodynamic


BDASBC hosts biodynamic workshops:

Spring: In april we host an workshop where we make preps together, host our annual general meeting and share in a potluck dinner together

Fall: in October make the preps, bury 500, 502, 503, 504 & 505 , Dig out some 501 & 506 and Share a potluck meal together.

Biodynamic Preparations

Check out this BD prep manual produced by the Biodynamic Federation Demeter:

"Biodynamic Preparation Manual 2020"


We also offer biodynamic preparations for sale through various farmers markets and through our website.

BC Biodynamics


Healing the Earth through agriculture

Biodynamics is about so much more than farming.  All of our operators share a passion for healing our land.  Each operation is challanged to become better stewarts of the land year after year.  There is an intentional conciousness that each of our operations share that is dedicated to healing their farms.   our purpose for farming can be summed up in that we are healing the earth through agriculture.